Thank you for taking an interest in my work. I have been a professional photographer since 2008 and I absolutely love my job. I have experience in landscape, sports, commercial and more but my favorite would have to be weddings with portraits not far behind. Weddings are the most meaningful to me, capturing those special moments in life is a big responsibility which I don't take lightly. I will provide stunning, high quality images through my creative vision. Feel free to call, text or email me for bookings or questions.


Only The Best

Do you want high quality photos? The kind of quality you see in fine art galleries? Look no further. I use the same equipment if not better than those photographers. The use of my high resolution cameras and lenses allows my finished product to result in ultra high definition photos. Every photographer has their own style and whether a photographer is considered good or not is subjective. When it comes to my style, I use strong contrast, vibrant colors and I love isolating my subject by using a very shallow depth of field which creates beautiful bokeh. This technique results in detail that pops out like 3D.





Experience goes a long way when covering a wedding. I know how important it is to capture all the special moments on your wedding day. Settling for an inexperienced photographer increases the chances of missed shots. With 10 years of experience and covering over 1,000 weddings I have seen it all. Anticipating all the special moments you want captured is second nature to me. From beginning to end, you can expect beautiful, natural images to relive all the wonderful moments from your special day, even some you might have missed.

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What I really enjoy about portraits is the creativity. Even something that seems simple, like a headshot, means I can be creative with my lighting setup. I am very comfortable taking charge of the creative process or I can also carry out your creative vision as well. Anything you can think of I can make happen. Additionally, I love making people look good. Many people don't enjoy being in front of the camera because they think they are not photogenic. All it takes is a good photographer, like myself, to make you look your best.


I really enjoy all forms of photography. I grew up playing basketball and volleyball so shooting sports has a soft spot in my heart. My wife and I love traveling and camping which makes for perfect opportunities to take landscape photos. I understand the importance of having a strong brand so it’s very gratifying when I provide that for a business or person. In other words, any type of photography service that you need, I can and will provide stunning images that will impress. So if you like my style, reach out to me. I would love to work with you.



For more info shoot me an email, call or a text me to get in touch.

14729 Victory Blvd Van Nuys CA United States 91411



14729 Victory Blvd Van Nuys CA United States 91411

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